Materials and manufacturing technologies for advanced reactors

By 27 August 2019 December 4th, 2019 Events

17 September 2019, AMRC Knowledge Transfer Centre.

The Nuclear AMRC and Wood invite you to explore the latest research into materials and manufacturing technologies for the next generation of nuclear power.

The Mattear project (Materials & Manufacturing Technology Evaluation for Advanced Reactors) is a research collaboration to develop manufacturing technologies for the next generation of nuclear power, led by Wood as part of the government-funded Nuclear Innovation Programme.

Mattear focuses on four key technologies: electron beam welding, dissimilar metal joining, hot isostatic pressing, and additive manufacturing.

This industry-focused event will explore these technologies, with speakers from industry and research institutions presenting the latest innovations and discussing applications.

Find out more about the manufacturing challenges and emerging opportunities in the supply chain for advanced reactors, learn about the latest government support on offer for companies in the nuclear sector, and discover how your company can take advantage of the innovative manufacturing and materials technologies being developed by the Mattear project.

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