Nuclear leadership for executives

By 28 February 2011 Events

22-24 March 2011, University of Manchester

A new short course aims to help senior managers in the nuclear industry understand the key issues in leadership and governance.

The EXENUC-UK course is managed by the University of Manchester Dalton Nuclear Institute in collaboration with the Nuclear AMRC, Manchester Business School and International Nuclear Academy. Experienced tutors will work with managers operating, or planning to operate, in the UK nuclear industry, to help them understand the key factors behind successful operation.

Lectures and group activities will focus on the interrelation between critical elements such as finance, risk, and nuclear good practice. Participants will learn about the context of the technology, lessons learnt from the past, and essential nuclear requirements such as safety, security, waste management and concern for the environment.

For more information, please see the Dalton CPD Centre. Nuclear AMRC members can book at a discounted price.

The Dalton Nuclear Institute is also offering a new one-day course aimed at companies interested in the nuclear supply chain.

The Introduction to nuclear energy course gives an essential overview of the UK nuclear energy industry. Topics include the basic concepts of nuclear fission and the nuclear fuel cycle, decommissioning in the UK and the management of radioactive waste, and the roles and responsibilities of different nuclear organisations.

The first course takes place on Tuesday 12 April at the Schuster Building, The University of Manchester. For more information, see the Dalton CPD Centre.

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