Fit For Nuclear

Fit For Nuclear (F4N) is a unique service to help UK manufacturing companies get ready to bid for work in the civil nuclear supply chain.

F4N lets companies measure their operations against the standards required to supply the nuclear industry – in new build, operations and decommissioning – and take the necessary steps to close any gaps.

F4N has been developed by the Nuclear AMRC with the support of its top tier partners, including nuclear new build developers and the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority. These industry leaders are using F4N to identify potential companies for their own supply chains.

We are currently working with stakeholders to further develop the F4N programme and provide additional support to UK manufacturers. Full details will be announced shortly.

Who can take part?
As well as the Nuclear AMRC’s core area of high-precision mechanical engineering, F4N also covers companies which can supply control and instrumentation, electricals, and other manufactured components for nuclear plant construction and operation, as well as the specialised requirements of decommissioning.

Over 300 companies have already completed the online F4N assessment, with most receiving ongoing support and development from the team. Participating companies range from contract manufacturers with no nuclear experience aiming to take a first step into the sector, to established suppliers wanting to benchmark their position and drive business excellence. To find out about some of the manufacturers which have taken part, see our directory of F4N companies. To discover what participants think of the programme, see the F4N impact survey.

F4N is designed for businesses with 10 or more employees or with a turnover of £1.6 million and upwards, as the principles of the programme are more difficult to apply to microenterprises.  Microenterprises with the potential to offer a niche product or service to the civil nuclear sector should still get in touch to discuss how F4N can help.

If you have any questions about the F4N programme or would like an informal discussion about whether it is right for your business, contact the Nuclear AMRC at

To start your F4N journey, go to:

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The F4N journey

Fit For Nuclear is not a formal qualification, but a journey of business improvement. The process will take at least six months. We will support you through every step, but the F4N journey will demand commitment and drive from your senior management team.

1. First contact and capability questionnaire.
Submit your details through the F4N online tool, and one of our F4N advisors will contact you to find out more about your capabilities and aspirations. The advisor will help you complete an initial capability questionnaire to help us understand how we can best support your business.

2. Online assessment.
Your F4N advisor will give you the link to the full F4N online assessment. This covers six key categories of business operation and performance, with 10 multiple-choice questions in each category. To help you prepare and understand the level of detail required, we recommend that you download the F4N online assessment guidance (pdf).

3. Site visit and verification.
You will receive an initial score, based on the information you have provided, as soon as you submit your online assessment. Your F4N advisor will then arrange a visit to your company to review and verify your answers, and help you start to develop an action plan to close any gaps in performance.

4. Nuclear review.
Once you have created your action plan and are putting it into practice, our nuclear specialists will review your progress and help you develop your capabilities.

5. Nuclear expert support.
If your business is capable of winning business in nuclear, we will appoint an experienced nuclear specialist to help you identify specific opportunities. Our specialists can help match your capabilities with current and upcoming tenders, and make sure you’re in the best position to win work.

6. Access to ongoing support.
Take advantage of our other support programmes and capabilities, and promote your participation in the F4N programme.

To start your F4N journey, go to: