NuScale SMR design

By 5 November 2014 Events

Wednesday 19 November, AMRC Knowledge Transfer Centre.

NuScale eventThe Nuclear AMRC hosts an afternoon seminar with NuScale Power, focusing on the challenges and opportunities of small modular reactors (SMRs).

SMRs are a potential next stage in the evolution of reactor technology. According to speakers at a recent Nuclear Institute conference, SMRs offer the UK the opportunity to take a global lead in reactor technology and nuclear manufacturing – for more information, download our latest newsletter (pdf).

Because SMRs are designed to be largely built in a factory, their development and economic viability will depend on the capabilities of manufacturers along the supply chain.

NuScale is one of the most advanced SMR developers, and we are delighted to welcome the company’s chief technology officer, Dr Jose Reyes, to the Nuclear AMRC to discuss its design and plans.

Dr Reyes will provide an insightful look at the technology behind the NuScale Power Module design, and discuss the challenges and potential benefits of SMR development. There will also be an audience Q&A and networking opportunities.

For more information, download the invitation (pdf). To reserve your place, email