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By 13 July 2011 Industry news

Manufacturing companies wanting to join the civil nuclear supply chain can now test their readiness online.

Delivered exclusively by the Nuclear AMRC with the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) and other partners, the Fit For Nuclear (F4N) programme helps companies understand the requirements and challenges of the nuclear energy market.

Following pilot trials with invited companies, the F4N assessment is now available to all engineering manufacturers which want to measure their operations against the standards required to supply the UK’s new generation of nuclear power stations.

The initial assessment is based around an online questionnaire covering key areas of business operation and performance. The six categories are:

  • Strategy and leadership
  • Design and project management
  • People excellence
  • Process excellence
  • Health and safety culture
  • Quality management

The results help identify any gaps that the company can address. The Nuclear AMRC and partners can then help companies fill these gaps to enhance operations, processes and capabilities.

Fit For Nuclear can provide a direct route for companies to be considered by industry leaders for entry into their own supply chains. Under a collaborative agreement announced in March, the Nuclear AMRC will act as a route for companies which do not have an existing relationship with French reactor provider Areva, but which have the potential to become nuclear-capable and provide products within Areva’s scope of supply. Initial identification of potential suppliers will be carried out through F4N.

Dr Steve Court, operations director at the Nuclear AMRC, said: “This online diagnostic is an easy way for an engineering company considering entering or returning to the nuclear market to get a comprehensive assessment of their readiness to compete for business. To be successful, it’s essential that all directors, senior managers and functions within the company contribute and commit to this programme.”

To begin the Fit For Nuclear assessment, go to https://namrc.co.uk/work-with-us/f4n/

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