3D Scanners to help drive digital transformation

By 15 August 2022 Nuclear AMRC news

Metrology specialist 3D Scanners UK has joined the Nuclear AMRC to help manufacturers improve their performance through digital transformation.

Established in 1998, 3D Scanners UK is a market leader in scanning systems, providing metrology and 3D scanning software to a range of industries. The Warwick-based company is UK master distributor for PolyWorks software and associated metrology services such as training, support and consultancy.

“As the leading metrology software, PolyWorks is the first single-vendor enterprise solution that supports all manufacturing 3D measurement processes, from measurement planning by design and manufacturing, through to facilitating the company-wide sharing of 3D measurement data and results,” says Nik Alimaras, managing director.

“We believe the digital transformation of manufacturing is essential for reducing organisations’ operational costs, thus increasing profits. Digital technologies can drastically transform 3D measurement processes through managing such information digitally and enabling access to all that require it.

“We are thrilled to join the Nuclear AMRC in helping manufacturing SMEs take steps towards such innovation through deploying PolyWorks as their smart 3D metrology digital ecosystem.”

As part of its tier two membership, 3D Scanners will provide software and support to the Nuclear AMRC’s metrology researchers.

“We’re delighted to welcome 3D Scanners UK to the Nuclear AMRC,” says Simon Cavill, technical lead for metrology. “The PolyWorks software will support our goal of digitally transforming 3D measurement processes for our clients, and enhance our capabilities for inspection, data analysis and visualisation.”

Because PolyWorks software is not linked to any one hardware manufacturer, it can combine and analyse data from across the Nuclear AMRC’s stock of advanced metrology equipment to meet the particular needs of different R&D projects.

“The first job for the new software will be in measurement planning and validation projects for modular reactor vessel manufacturing, where the ability to capture, analyse and report inspection data from a diverse range of instruments will bring real value to our customer,” Cavill says.